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Scarface, ‘Made’ (Rap-A-Lot/Asylum/WMG)

On this wily Geto Boy vet’s previous official solo album, 2002’s The Fix, he went the Santana route, collaborating with all the top-notch talent he could schedule. But this time, there are no Nas or Jay-Z cameos, no Kanye West or Pharrell beats; it’s just Scarface’s grim narratives anchoring the spiritually honest “Who Do You Believe In?” and the brutally detailed murder rap “Burn.” Made sounds dirtier (i.e., more Southern) than its polished predecessor, though it still relies on a bevy of soul samples. The best is the Hall & Oates bite on “Never,” on which Scarface manages to make a tired topic like snitching sound endlessly fascinating.

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