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News Roundup: Sony BMG, Jose González, Vampire Weekend

Sony ditches DRM and joins Amazon, González maps green tour, and Vampire Weekend sight new record.

It’s official: the last of the Big Four has caved; Sony BMGas speculated last week — will shed digital rights management (DRM) protection software and join with Amazon’s online music storelater this month. The move, a landmark advancement in the consumptionof digital music, also renders Amazon the only online store to offerDRM-free tunes from all the Big Four labels — EMI, Universal, Warner, and now, Sony BMG.

José González, the ambitious singer/songwriter channeling your inner humanity, will hit the road yet again this spring in continual support of In Our Nature. And surely soothing Thom Yorke’s concerns of touring’s effect on the environment, González will join with Reverb,a non-profit organization founded by Guster guitarist Adam Gardner andhis wife, to focus on the tour’s energy efficiency. [Via]

Though Ivy League indie rockers Vampire Weekend are just now preparing to drop their debut LP,a self-titled affair out Jan. 29 via XL Recordings, the quartet arealready looking forward to another set. “We’ve had most of these songsout for over a year,” bassist Chris Baio told”We have one full new song that we play live that’s going to be on thenext album. Maybe [we’ll] do an EP in between the two albums… We’vedefinitely been talking about [recording], though.” More Kwassa Kwassaplease!

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