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News Roundup: Eddie Vedder, Kurt Cobain, Clinic, Steroids in Hip-Hop

Congrats! At an awards ceremony last night (Jan. 13), Pearl Jam frontman and alt-rock deity Eddie Vedder snagged his first Golden Globe Award for best original song “Guaranteed,” the lead tune from the soundtrack to Sean Penn’s film Into the Wild. Better luck next time, Dewey Cox. [Via]

After much speculation pointing at actors James McAvoy, Michael Pitt, and Ewan McGregor, it appears the final picks are in: Ryan Gosling (The Notebook, Half Nelson) has been hand selected by widow Courtney Love to play Kurt Cobain in the forthcoming biopic Heavier than Heaven, based on Charles Cross’ biography. Love, naturally — because they’re total doppelgangers — tapped busty blond bombshell Scarlett Johansson to play her role. [Via]

Surgical mask-sporting Brit quartet Clinic will drop Do It,their fifth LP to date, April 8 via Domino Records. And in staying withthe times, the band will offer first single “Free Not Free” and B-side”Thor” as a free download via their website beginning Feb 1. Butthere’s more: Clinic will head stateside for a string of gigs in May.Hopefully they keep the masks on; maybe they’re infected with AvianFlu? [Via Pitchfork]

As we all know, rapper 50 Centwas shot nine times. But Mr. Curtis Jackson’s seemingly super humanstrength may stem from something beyond stamina and will: Steroids.According to a report by Albany, NY’s The Times Union, 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson), Timbaland, Wyclef Jean, and even Mary J. Blige have been named in a New York steroids trafficking investigation. [Via]