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James Murphy & Pat Mahoney, ‘Fabriclive 36′ (Fabric)

New York didn’t invent self-consciously witty and theatrical dance music. But in the early ’80s, producers in the city did spotlight intersections of comedy (Gichy Dan’s “Cowboys and Gangsters”) and drama (Love Committee’s “Just as Long as I’ve Got You”) that escaped other disco scenes. That’s where connoisseurs James Murphy and Pat Mahoney (frontman and drummer, respectively, of LCD Soundsystem) focus their attention on this elegantly paced 24-track set. The Chic stares, Ze Records poses, sexy Peech Boys eschatology, plus some jazz-oriented passages from Donald Byrd and Love of Life Orchestra, are masterfully mixed with a handful of more current tracks to tell the story of how elite metropolitan club fizz gradually evolved into nationwide cool. Plus, there’s a song called “I Feel Good Put Your Pants On.” Now that’s historic!

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