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How to Rob a Bank

Loopy but glossy, this heist movie plays like a camp classic searching for its cult. Jason (Stahl), who has wandered in from some Reality Bites remake, goes to the bank to take out his last 20 bucks or maybe just to whine about his ATM fees. His visit coincides with that of a group planning a much larger withdrawal, and he ends up locked in the vault with the gang’s pert accomplice (Christensen), juggling calls from hostage negotiators and criminal masterminds. Variously reminiscent of a Harold Pinter play, a Tarantino wannabe, and a deranged cell-phone commercial, the legitimately suspenseful How to Rob a Bank has the courage to embrace the ridiculous, or so you must believe when watching Gavin Rossdale — yes, Gwen Stefani’s Gavin Rossdale — lug out his lines as the gang leader.