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Hey Willpower Make You Wanna ‘Uh Uh Uh’

Exclusive! Download this filthy romp from the synthy pop pair in celebration of the domestic release for the P.D.A. LP.

Justin Timberlake may have initially brought sexy back, but thenhe had to go and get all preoccupied with his so-called “love.”Luckily, Hey Willpower — the electronic dirty duo featuring WillSchwartz of Imperial Teenand Tomo Yasuda of Tussle — pick up the sleazy slack. Here on”Uh-Uh-Uh,” the beat rolls over a simple snare count andinnocent-enough synthesized chimes, but at the first entrance ofSchwartz’s evocative voice the song’s G-rating goes out the window.Chock full of double entendres and crass come-ons, all executed over adance track in a J.T.-esque sex voice, “Uh-Uh-Uh” leaves little to theimagination, exuding confidence in its sexual sound effects.

Packing in as many pop culture references as potential late-night partners, Schwartz drops pun-master gems about 28 Days Later,Chips Ahoy!, Tonka trucks and even Bambi’s buddy Thumper (if you knowwhat I mean). No luck with the ladies? “Get on the floor” and unleash aquip about your “Willy Wonka” and her “candy toy” — it works for theseguys! A counting breakdown leads up to another repeat of the suggestivechorus, and if by this time around you can’t sing along, you’re doingsomething wrong. No strangers to public affection, Hey Willpower’s P.D.A. LP finally arrives stateside Jan. 22, complete with a new tracklisting and fresh artwork, via Tomlab.

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