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Drive-By Truckers Take a Bow For ‘Bright’ Debut

As the clock struck midnight last evening (Jan. 10), Athens,Georgia’s Drive-By Truckers took the stage in a tightly packed 40 WattClub to debut tunes from their forthcoming LP, Brighter Than Creation’s Dark (out Jan. 22 via New West). Really, it was a humble celebration as the alt-country quintet performed Brighterin its entirety while all show proceeds were donated to Nuci’s Space, anon-profit organization benefiting the mental and musical wellness ofthe Athens performing community. At the mic, bearded frontman PattersonHood ultimately claimed Alabama as home, but excited concertgoers knewwell enough that Athens is truly the band’s haven as he exclaimed,”Athens, Georgia… I think I like y’all!”

Beer guzzlin’ fans raised their cans in salute to DBT, hollering wildy with anticipation as Brighter Than Creation’s Darkproceeded gracefully with soulful pedal steel guitar and sweepingpercussion. The sentimental “Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife” madefor a sweet intro, but the night’s first big rocker, “The RighteousPath,” got the crowd’s hips-a-shakin’. About halfway through, theheavens opened up outside — and just as Georgia’s been thirsty forwater during this record drought season — leaving DBT fans extrasated. The Truckers owned the night, and it was a bold, comfortable,’bright’ start behind their latest labor of love.

We asked: Seeing as the name of the new Drive-By Truckers album is Brighter Than Creation’s Dark, if you could be stranded with anyone in the Garden of Eden, who would it be?