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Dillinger Escape Plan, ‘Ire Works’ (Relapse)

This New Jersey quintet sounds nothing like Lamb of God or Mastodon, but they all share the distinction of being classified as “extreme metal,” and all three have emerged from a steadily built grassroots fan base into the world of six-figure sales and major-label contracts.

Ire Works, Dillinger’s third full-length (after more than a decade together), is packed with the sometimes brutal, sometimes beautiful music only they play — an inhumanly dexterous blur that skids from grindcore to progressive jazz and beyond. Guitarist Ben Weinman is the lone original member present on Ire Works (drummer Chris Pennie was the latest departure, to Coheed and Cambria), and he holds together a collection that expands on the increasing use of melody heard on 2004’s Miss Machine.

“Black Bubblegum” is a collision of old-school Faith No More funk rock, odd guitar breakdowns, and surprisingly accessible hooks. “Sick on Sunday” adds mountainous riffs, spazzed-out instrumental explosions, and about 14 other genres to glitchy electro-pop. “Milk Lizard” mixes hardcore with a friendly rock chorus, and “Mouth of Ghosts” updates the Mahavishnu Orchestra’s jazz-rock excursions. The blazing, innumerable-notes-per-second metalcore of “Lurch,” “82588,” and “Horse Hunter” will sate the diehards, but it’s Dillinger’s willingness to constantly incorporate new sounds — even commercial ones — that makes Ire Works an experimental-rock touchstone.

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