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Who? Casting aside their suburban garage rock roots,Toronto’s Moshe Rozenberg (drums/keys/vocals), Jordan Holmes(guitar/vocals), Matt King (keys/sax), Tomas Del Balso (guitar) andMike Claxton (bass/ guitar/vocals) bonded during Brampton YMCA showsand formed indie outfit DD/MM/YYYY, yes, named after the calendar.Lately, their schedules have been jam-packed — a North American summertour with Japanther, a spot at Toronto’s Virgin Festival, and sharedsleepovers with Dan Deacon in Kalamazoo, Michigan (they went out forpizza the next morning).

What’s the Deal? Are They Masks?DD/MM/YYYY’s second LP, out now on Toronto imprint, We Are Busy Bodies,is a mess of spastic, specially challenged art rock with jagged,diamondback guitars, ’80s video game synthesizers, and drums that rollwith all the punches of the discordant dreamy vocals. The surreal”Twinstars” takes on the mythos of Mary Kate and Ashley, with a softpretty vulnerability lurking amidst the hard-edged harmonies, while theAfro beat-tinged “Mr. T Cereal” asks, “What’s the point of waking up,if you’re just going back to bed?” A thrashing, cheery blend of theUnicorns and Melt Banana, DD/MM/YYYY is indie’s answer to what mighthappen if Spanish filmmaker Louis Buñuel rocked a synthesizer and anasymmetrical haircut.

Fun Fact: The band’s debut release, Blue Screen of Death/Journey To and Escape from the Fortress of the Fluffy Love Cloud,was inspired by an eight-month stint of living together in an East-Endloft in which dead trees figured heavily in the DIY décor, deemed a”social sculpture experiment.”

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