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The Clientele Score ‘Your’ Three-Ring Circus

Exclusive! Download the dreamy liquid swirl of "Your Song" from the soundtrack to the upcoming film, The Bigtop.

Sixties pop revivalists the Clientele have always channeled theera’s most whimsical and languid numbers, drenching GeorgeHarrison-style guitar phrases in plenty of tremolo and reverb. On “YourSong,” the wobbly, bubbling effects are in full tilt as the six-stringdrips with echo and the bass does a soft dance. A violin kisses thesong’s water-like surface, the gentle ripples creating a welcomedmelodic effect. A piano trickles in the distance as Clientele vocalistAlasdair MacLean washes in, his calm coo only adding to the song’sfluidity.

Clocking in at only a minute-and-a-half, the chorus-less piece is structured like a docile Bee Thousandtrack, if Guided By Voices cleaned up and took a Vicodin. Ideal for anunderwater dream sequence, the song’s succinctness raises its cinematicvalue for any scene, tightly packed for maximum sentimentality. Andalthough “Your Song” is a re-interpretation, Sir Elton John fansshouldn’t get too excited — The Bigtop director Devon Reedpenned the songs for the movie-musical and then commissioned each to ahand-picked musician for the film’s soundtrack. Songs from The Bigtopis available now through iTunes — featuring cuts from Built to Spill’sDoug Martsch, Damien Jurado, Matthew Sweet, and more — and thesoundtrack trapeze-swings into stores Feb. 5 via the filmmaker’s ownDevon Records.

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