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The Busy Signals, ‘The Busy Signals’ (Dirtnap)

Halfway through “Plastic Girl,” the opening track on the Busy Signals’ debut, a Buzzcocks riff gives way to a hot and sweaty X-style harmony between throaty singer Ana McGorty and bassist Jeremy Thompson. The jittery guitars and get-in-get-out solos that follow on “Stereo” and “So Pointless” are also dazzling, but it’s McGorty’s voice that may rocket this band out of the seven-inch singles set, fluctuating between a fragile pout and seen-it-all boredom. Sneering, “You aren’t worth my time / You aren’t worth my nickel and dime” on album closer “Ring Ring Ring,” she sounds like a girl you’d lick a sticky bar floor to get back.

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