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British Sea Power Never Surrenders

Do you like rock music? Brighton, England’s British Sea Power posethis question in the title of their much-anticipated forthcoming LP outnext month, but don’t bother asking them how they feel on the topic;just take a listen to the album’s first single, “Waving Flags,” whichdrops in the U.K. today.

Taking equal cues from the sprawlingmelodic nature of Echo and the Bunnymen and the Arcade Fire’s epicscale, “Waving Flags” kickstarts with propulsive drums and choral ahhsthat set the blissful tone of the track. The band’s subtle sense ofhumor is also on prime display, as the triumphant chorus features leadvocalist Yan singing, “We’ll be here for a while / And it’s all ajoke.” If it really is all a joke, than BSP will be the lastones laughing; by the end of this sweeping four-minute tribute tointernationalism (and Austrian-born actress Hedy Lemarr), even thosewho, in fact, don’t like rock music will be waving white flags of theirown, happily signaling their own sonic surrender. Do You Like Rock Music? drops Feb. 12 via Rough Trade.

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