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Black Dice, ‘Load Blown’ (Paw Tracks)

Ever since cresting with the expansive, almost grandiose noisescapes of 2002’s Beaches and Canyons, Brooklyn’s Black Dice have been downsizing, parting ways with their drummer and longtime label DFA. Now on sonic brethren Animal Collective’s imprint, the trio’s fourth album is both more dense and concise. “Scavenger,” “Drool,” and “Manoman” revel in tiny, almost inscrutable sounds — waterlogged cell phone ringtones, radio static, insect mating calls, skipping CDs, and pygmy chants. The layered results are mesmeric, giving their introverted noise a new, laserlike intensity.

Now Hear This: Black Dice – “Kokomo” DOWNLOAD MP3

Now Watch This: Black Dice – “Kokomo”