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Baby Dee, ‘Safe Inside the Day’ (Drag City)

A fiftysomething transgendered singer/songwriter, performance artist, former church organist, and classically trained harpist, Cleveland-born Baby Dee has performed with Antony and the Johnsons, David Tibet’s Current 93, and the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. And for her third album, she collaborates with Will Oldham, Andrew W.K., and Matt Sweeney, among others. But no amount of friends can save such ponderously quaint, Tin Pan hooey as “Big Titty Bee Girl (From Dino Town)” and “Fresh Out of Candles.” Hammy and histrionic, these off-off-Broadway torch tunes are most palatable when they’re packaged as whimsical, semi-poignant instrumentals like “Flowers on the Tracks.” Otherwise, the novelty wears thin awfully quick.

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