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The 1900s’ Kind-Hearted Ways

They’re a contemporary band whose name comes from a hundred years ago, but the 1900s are surely straight out of 1970 — specifically from the party scene in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,a forgotten band sandwiched between the Carrie Nations and theStrawberry Alarm Clock. Last night (Jan. 9), that party was prettysmall, as the tiny Rock and Roll Hotel was made to feel expansive forlack of people. Nevermind that, though — it just means there was moreroom to dance for the rest of us.

Forget for a moment thatthere seemed to be barely more people in the crowd than the band (itnumbers seven — the 1900s, that is), because everyone there swervedand swelled to songs like EP banger “Bring the Good Boys Home” and therecently released “Georgia,” on which singer Edward Anderson went Southfrom way of their native Chicago to find the aural equivalent of a lazysummer afternoon. It was when singers Jeanine O’Toole and CarolineDonovan got in on the act that things really came together, though, asthe male-female harmony vocals added delirious joy. As voices meldedtogether, going higher and higher, the room sure seemed full. PHOTOS BY NESTOR DIAZ

We asked:What song would you like to hear the 1900s cover, or alternately, what1900s song would you like to hear someone else do, and why?