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News Roundup: Jay-Z, Rivers Cuomo, Coldplay, Lily Allen

Jigga ditches Def Jam, Cuomo hearts being solo, Lily tackles the tube, Coldplay goes Wham!

After much speculation, rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z will step down as president of Def Jam, effective Dec. 31. Maybe now Jigga will spend some quality time with his pal Mr. Rubin, return to being a true American Gangster, or spend more time ushering the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn. [Via]

On the heels of releasing his solo collection, Alone, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomolooks forward to dropping more solo collections, and his band’sforthcoming sixth LP, which, according to the bespectacled rocker, willbe “dark and deep and beautiful,” like a mountain stream. [Via]

Possibly tickling Robbie Williams’ fancy, along with scores of other nostalgia seeking, holiday lovers weaned in the ’80s, Coldplay have covered Wham!‘s yuletide hit “Last Christmas” while working on their new record; a video clip is now live on George Michael, in state of blissful thanks, passes out at the wheel of his car. [Via]

Brit songbird Lily Allenis hoping fans will contribute ideas for her forthcoming TV show, whichwill premiere in 2008 on BBC3 and will feature “a pregnant me trying topresent it all,” she quips in a recent MySpace post.”A big part of the show will be based around you guys, so please go andsign up on the show website for chances to get involved, like being inthe audience, or sending stuff in for me to talk about, or sending inquestions for my guests.” Check out for more information, but beware: Lily apologizes that the site “looks a bit crap at the moment.”

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