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Wighnomy Bros./Robag Wruhme, ‘Remikks Potpourri II’ (Freude am Tanzen/Mute Tonträger)

On their second collection of remix work, Sören Bodner and Gabor Schablitzki may subtitle tracks with Scrabble-busting names like “Fukkeldibobb Remake” or “Herbstmoosmutzel Remix,” but the music itself reveals minimal house at its most acute. Depeche Mode’s dour “Lilian” is buoyed with little more than plaintive guitar and percussive flickers, while Röyksopp’s “Beautiful Day Without You” gets ring-modulated into a robotic lullaby. Stutter-steps and reverberating wormholes infuse old folks like Underworld and Nitzer Ebb. But it’s the duo’s mercurial remix of Ellen Allien and Apparat that dazzles, almost reaching the flummoxing, beat-scattering genius of Aphex Twin’s classic “Windowlicker.”

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