Who? Brooklyn-based foursome Like Vultures was born outof keys player Karl Demarest and vocalist Jay Foos’ long distancemusical collaboration. Exchanging tracks via both email and snail mailfrom New York to Texas, the pair wrote what was to later be LikeVultures’ song library. Expanding this DIY project Foos and Demarestjoined forces with sister Mia Foos (keys/vocals) and long time friendScott Robertson — all of whom now share a cozy Brooklyn apartment,which doubles as a home studio and practice space.

What’s the Deal?Complex synth-saturated arrangements augmented by effect heavy vocalsand catchy beats brings the heedless dance appeal to critical mass.With their 2007 self-released EP, Like Vultures abandons theiraffection for angry guitars and teenage angst of their younger years totake on a duet of synthesizers and attack a vocal styling more akin toemo than the similarly spirited dance band brethren. The seemingnaiveté of their sound on tracks like “PW” and “Listen to the CitySounds” paints Like Vultures as Shy Child’s younger and not yet jadedsibling still striving for depth.

Fun Fact: Theband’s Brooklyn abode lies in such close proximity to an above groundsubway station that evening commuters are often treated to a free LikeVultures gig.

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