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The Stiletto Formal

Who? Formed in 2004, you can still get hints of thatnew-band smell off of the Stiletto Formal and its members; vocalistKyle Howard, guitarist Jimi Lamp, cellist Sunny Davis, bassist PaulNeely and drummer Patrick McCarthy. Despite their relative youth, TSFhave already released two EPs — 2005’s Masochism in the Place of Romance and last year’s This is My Boomstick — both of which debuted in iTunes in late October. A full-length debut, tentatively titled Renaissance and produced by Grammy Award-winner Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead, OutKast) is in the works for 2008.

What’s the Deal?Howard’s vocal histrionics are easily the first thing to grablisteners’ attention — with words pouring out in rushed, almoststuttered yelps he gets plenty of comparisons to ex-At the Drive-In micman Cedric Bixler — but they’re far from the only selling point.Davis’ cello and vocals add a moody undertone to songs like “Murder atthe Stiletto Formal,” at least when the rest of the band isn’t creatinga groovy racket while Howard rails against “blood on the hands of thecrown” or laments how “contrails dissolve our correlated steps.”

Fun Fact:Prior to his days fronting Stiletto Formal, singer Kyle Howard wasaccepted to Cambridge University to study creative writing. Instead, heopted to stay in Arizona to study English Literature at Arizona Statebefore committing to the band full-time.

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