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Say Hi Reign Down New Tunes

Camaraderie was the operative word as Say Hi (formerly Say Hi to Your Mom), the A-Sides,and the Velvet Teen played a rousing show at the Crocodile Cafe inSeattle last night (Nov. 15). Headliners Say Hi, who are on the tailend of a 29-city tour in support of their forthcoming fifth LP, The Wishes and the Glitch,played a host of new songs while also sprinkling their set withfavorites like “Let’s Talk About Spaceships” and “Sweet SweetHeartkiller.” But before taking to the stage, amiable Philly popstersthe A-Sides kicked off the evening in energetic style, breaking ahealthy sweat by the end of the second song. Promoting their lateststudio effort, Silver Storms, the band even enlisted the helpfrom their tour mates during their last song; Say Hi keyboardist NouelaJohnston (former frontwoman of local band Mon Frere) and Velvet Teenbassist Josh Staples lent their vocals to first single “Diamonds.”

Aclear favorite amongst the audience, the insular indie rock stylings ofthe Velvet Teen amped up the energy level set by the A-Sides, aided byCasey Deitz’s frenetic drumming and the powerful vocals of JudahNagler. Later, despite some crowd thinning after the departure of theVelvet Teen, Say Hi ushered in a slightly more subdued atmosphere –partially indebted to the characteristic, falling rain outside. EricElbogen’s acoustic sensibilities gradually progressed to a fuller soundwith the addition of keyboards, drums and another set of strings. Thedeadpanned vampire-themed lyrics of “These Fangs,” off 2006’s Impeccable Blahs, gave way to the lush, yearning sounds of new tune “Northwestern Girls,” the lead off track from The Wishes and the Glitch. Despite a somewhat short set, Say Hi did Seattle proud with their idiosyncratic, groovy tunes.

We asked:Say Hi’s Eric Elbogen has written songs about all sorts of creatures,from vampires to robots. If you could write a song or songs about anynon-human or imaginary creature, what “thing” would you write about?