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Who? Rock&Roll is comprised of Parisians GrichaBerekachvili on vocals and guitar, Paul Louis Viguier on drums,L.A.M.F. on bass, and Matthias Cadeac d’Arbaud on guitar and backingvocals. They toured the U.S. earlier this fall, and their record Losers, Boozers, Jacuzzi Users is available now digitally.

What’s the Deal?Album-opener “Made It to New York” begins with the matter-of-factdeclaration, “I gave my soul rock and roll,” and the rest of the recordfills its twenty minutes with attempts to prove it. From the moodyblooze of that track to the beautifully malevolent “Pretty Little Wife”(sample lyric: “I’ll steal your wife, I wanna steal your wife… like athief in the night”) to the glitter pop sheen of album-closer “OnlyFools Die,” one gets the sense that these guys mean it, as if theylistened to Springsteen and didn’t necessarily understand every wordbut got the point anyway. It’s all about the yells and yowls and sexand sweat, and that’s all here in spades.

Fun Fact:Rock’n’roll has always had a good relationship with fashion, from AndyWarhol through the Strokes. Rock&Roll, the band, also has a goodrelationship with fashion, apparently — their first EP, 2006’s First Class Plane,had a cover designed by Karl Lagerfeld, and the band recently shotphotos for Roberto Cavalli’s spring-summer 2008 campaign.

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