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Polar Bear Club

Who? Rochester, NY’s Polar Bear Club came to life in the springof 2005, not to swim laps in subzero temperatures, but to spoutdynamic, invigorating post-hardcore. A demo was recorded that July tohand out at shows, and as their fanbase slowly grew, founding membersJimmy Stadt (vocals) and Chris Browne (guitar) watched bandmates comeand go. Polar Bear Club was cemented into a quintet when guitarist NateMorris, bassist/vocalist Greg Odom and drummer Bob O’Neil eventuallycame on board; The Redder, the Better EP appeared in April 2006, after which O’Neil was traded out for Emmett Menke. PBC’s full-length Sometimes Things Just Disappear, slated to drop this December, marks their Red Leader Records debut.

What’s the Deal? Polar Bear Club seems to hail from the schoolof Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike — a late ’90s emo feel mixingin with the rough intensity — so all the punching rhythms and crashingguitars are connected by alternating gruff and melodic vocals on songslike “Election Day” and the slow momentum build of “His Devotee.” Hypeis steadily surrounding PBC, and just as “Most Miserable Life” extols”Screaming for the sake of what we love most…Lose your voice and makeit hurt,” there’s simply an inexplicable electric energy encompassingthem. It’s all in how the music incites, each gig inevitably fallinginto astumble-climb-on-your-neighbor’s-shoulder-grab-at-the-band-riotous-sing-along.

Fun Fact: During summer recording sessions, Polar Bear Club notonly challenged themselves to make a kick ass record, but moreimportantly, see who could eat the most Taco Bell while doing it. Thegoal was to individually consume every menu item offered, but after abit, the guys were forced to abandon the challenge after everyone wasbecoming, well, miserable. Chris made out the best (or worst, dependingon your view), stomaching somewhere around 25 items.

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