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Out of the ‘Woods’, Shipwreck Set Sail

Bust out the bubbly because it’s a celebration with Champaign,Illinois’ finest. The Midwesterners in Shipwreck might actually belandlocked but that you wouldn’t know it from the fluidity of “Walk inthe Woods,” a stirring number from the group’s upcomingmouth-full-length, Rabbit in the Kitchen With a New Dress On .With a bass line that would make Peter Hook blush and nippy high-hatsaccenting a flawless, sputtering beat, it would be more of a moonwalkin these woods — the song’s groove lending itself beautifully to anydance move you can muster.

Riffing rapid-fire like Minus theBear with some of the step-work sensibilities of the Faint’s liveliestnumbers, Shipwreck also hint at a shadowy sensuality as sing-speakvocals tell the tale of the song’s heroine Sierra, stressing “hands assoft as silk” along with her “button nose and bedroom eyes.” Aself-described stormy lullaby, the fantastical lyrics could be straightout of Greek mythology, including sparrows in yellow skies, spiders inthe leaves and a goddess appearing through the water’s ripples. Tautand quick, ultimately it’s the song’s wailing siren sounds that hint atsomething sinister lurking beneath this fable. Shipwreck’s forthcomingalbum, Rabbit in the Kitchen With a New Dress On , drops Dec. 4 on the Polyvinyl imprint None.

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