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NOFX Cross the ‘Line’

NOFX has survived nearly a quarter-century of music, including upwardsof 30 releases, by constantly spicing up the state of punk rock — agenre no stranger to taking itself too seriously — with persistentblasts of self-deprecating humor. Their first live album warned I Heard They Suck Live!!tongue firmly in cheek, and here the sarcasm returns in truckloads. Onthis cut, the band takes a two-minute opportunity to kill the crowdlike a stand-up comedian.

Recorded over three nights at Slim’s in San Francisco, the disc ispacked with rare fan favorites including pun-packed “The Longest Line,”from the 1992 twelve-inch EP of the same name. Celebrating his firstappearance with the band, guitarist El Hefe crunches power chords andbreezes through swift leads while Fat Mike plays humorist. Taking tocalling himself Johnny Carcinogen, Mike compares life to Chinese food(“sweet and sour”) and concludes that he either “pissed off God” or”fucked with some witch,” thereby cursing his existence. Poking fun atthe sour grapes, NOFX even inject a quick Green Day line into the livemix wondering, “Do you have the time to listen to me whine?” Gettingworse has never sounded so good. They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live! hits shelves Nov. 20 via Fat Wreck Chords.

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NOFX – “The Longest Line”

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