Who? An all-star collection of elder statesmen from the early ’90s hardcore revival that spawned a thousand watered-down copycats are back to reclaim the crowded throne, but with a gentler touch. Lead by Jason Gnewikow, the former Promise Ring guitarist still packs a hardy punch for anyone who dare claim that this is a young man’s game. Also along for the putsch are vigilant members of the post-‘core infantry including bassist Scott Winegard (ex-Texas is the Reason), drummer Brian Malone (ex-The Gloria Record) and guitarist John Herguth (ex-The Love Scene). Their debut EP One, One-Thousand is due in stores on Nov. 13 via Arrco/Belle City Pop with a full-length to follow.

What’s the Deal? Expanding their palate since the days of dingy basements, the boys are now men and dispense with the brooding of Braid in favor of a broader atmospheric scope. Acoustic guitar-driven without a confessional mope, spidery leads weave “Summer Programme” a tangled web, leaving it sounding ironically autumnal while “Pristine Fields” could be an American Oasis with its yearning verses and meaty harmonies. Cathartic without being angst-ridden, “This Curse” has a riff that teases a Death Cab For Cutie bounce and “Standardesque” is even Wilco-esque circa Yankee Hotel Foxtrot as deliberate noise sputters busily in the background. It all sounds disarmingly hopeful for a group that puts a bunch of black balloons on the cover of its debut.

Fun Fact: Bassist Scott Winegard recently took a trip down memory lane, reuniting with his former band Texas is the Reason for two sold out nights at New York City’s Irving Plaza to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their formative album Do You Know Who You Are.�

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Talk: Is House & Parish’s One, One-Thousand a religious experience?


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