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The Hard Lessons Teach the ‘Scene’

Like taking a ruler to the knuckles of obnoxious students, theHard Lessons play disciplinarian on their latest cut, “See or BeScene.” Too old to be swept away by hype and too self-respecting toconform to trends, the Detroit-based trio takes this opportunity tospin a tight yarn condemning the MySpace generation and their penchantfor gender-bending. “Now the boys, the boys are wearing girls clothes,”sing the Hard Lessons’ songwriters Augie and Ko Ko Louise in unison.The girls, though, are not free of fault as they flaunt their “makeupand curls” — also part of the dastardly equation. All of this in hopesto “see or be scene” leaves the Lessons truly aghast and provides astirring subject for some sharp songwriting cynics.

Butinstead of stinging lacerations the Hard Lessons take the sweet road,wrapping their tough love in a cuddly exterior, successfully softeningthe blow. Meaty riffs tease with melody, but it’s the sugar-rush maleand female harmonies, quick Casio handclaps and cheerful theRentals/Motion City Soundtrack synths that put searing sarcasm underthe guise of power-pop. Eyes clouded with guy-liner and side-sweptbangs and ears ringing from last night’s screamo concert, the scenesterkids won’t even know what hit ’em. The first single in the four part B & G Sides collection drops Nov. 23 via the Quack!Media imprint.

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