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Hangar 18

Who? While a lot of Lyricist Lounge-era artistsabandoned hip-hop or tripped into obscurity circa 2002, Hangar 18signed to then-emerging powerhouse Def Jux and hit the long road. WithpaWL manning all production, MCs Windnbreeze and Alaska of New York’sAtoms Family collective turn out off-beat wit and semi-didactic rhymesthat demand multiple listens.

What’s the Deal? Whereas the Hangar’s introductory Multi-Platinum Debut Album (2004) rode on experimental rails laid down by affiliates such as MF Doom and Vast Aire, production on the group’s Karate Kid-inspired Sweep the Legcomeback builds on brick-and-mortar boom bap basics. Lyrically, trackssuch as “Jump Muthafuh” and “Bakin Soda” roundhouse ignorant rap trendswhile coy lyric slides like “Highly Anticipated” surreptitiouslylampoon everyone from MySpace chumps to their own hyper-verboselabelmates.

Fun Fact: Hangar 18 is named after thelocation within Ohio’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where conspiracytheorists believe Roswell personnel brought alien remnants from thefabled 1947 UFO crash. The reference was also used by Dave Mustaine,whose 1990 Megadeth classic Rust in Peace featured a paranoiac anthem titled “Hangar 18.”

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