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Dewey Cox Trumps Dylan’s Lyrical Prose

The tunes of legendary troubadour Bob Dylan have been celebrated in many mediums; from contemporary musicians covering his songsto numerous films chronicling the life and times of the songsmith. Andwhile most music fans commend Dylan’s originality and creative prose,Dewey Cox, the main character in Columbia Picture’s forthcoming comedy Walk Hard, has but one question: “How come nobody ever asked Bob Dylan ‘why you sound so much like Dewey Cox?'”

Ina clip from the film, slated to hit theatres Dec. 21, Cox, played byactor John C. Reilly, strums through a solo tune, clearly illustratinghis influence upon Dylan. “Mailboxes drip like lampposts in the twistedbirth canal of the coliseum / Rim job fairies teapots mask the tempertantrum / Oh say can you see ’em,” sings Cox. And while some maymisunderstand Cox’s inventive style, actor Tim Meadows, who plays Cox’sdrummer in the film, has supreme insight: “This song is very deep.”

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