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Travels Orbit the ‘Golden Sun’

As their former bands slowly crumbled around them, Anar Badalov(ex-Metal Hearts) and Mona Elliott (ex-Victory at Sea) found solace inone another. The fruit of their relationship is Travels, a new projectwhere programmed beats steer distortion-disguised homemade pop numbers.What Badalov calls a “more intimate” project, Travels will self-releasetheir debut self-titled album later this month for digital download andin a limited edition run of 500 copies, each with its own handmadecover, which can be seen and ordered via the band’s MySpace page.

“GoldenSun” finds the pair riding an eerie, stammering beat and fighting amurky haze of noise to transmit positivity between blurred waves. Aslow whoosh of crackling distortion fizzes over circular harmonies asthe duo’s iridescent voices twirl upward into a gleaming helix –“pretty noise” according to Badalov. Warm, firm and reassuring, thesong has all the qualities of a good hug — a deliberate mood saidElliot. “I was going through radiation treatment for breast cancerduring the recording and writing of the entire record and Anar wastaking such good care of me,” she said. “That’s exactly what this songmeans to me — healing and being okay with being loved and taken careof.” Travels will reach its destination independently on Oct. 30 becoming available on iTunes and eMusic.

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