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Those Dancing Days

Who? Those who think the Pipettes should pipe down might try Sweden’s subtler rebuttal, Those Dancing Days. Without the dress code and Phil Spector-ification but with plenty of pep, Those Dancing Days “just wanna disco” over springy bass courtesy of their own Mimmi Evrell and Lisa Pyk’s shimmering Hammond organ sounds used with the accuracy of Elvis Costello’s truest Aim. Linnea Jonsson (vocals), Rebecka Roifart (guitar) and Cissi Edraimsson (drums) complete the quintet, conjuring the boogying Northern Soul of U.K. mod culture. Debut self-titled EP out now overseas via Wichita Recordings.

What’s the Deal? Naming a song after your own band puts you in the company of the Ramones and Talk Talk, exuding a breezy swagger, but calling your tender Love Is All-meets-The Concretes-esque first single “Hitten” (“The Hit” in Swedish) makes the confidence palpable. On “Those Dancing Days” the girls bop like Blondie backed by the Attractions, “Discho'” jives and jitters around whoa-ohs, and the verses to “1,000 Words” take on an female Morrissey tone from when he still bounced around a bit circa Bona Drag. Rounding out the EP, “Tasty Boy” noshes on food metaphors like a cuter version of Warrant’s “Cherry Pie.” Comely Swedes with full cheeks and a sweet tooth? Delicious.

Fun Fact: The tight patter of drummer Cissi Edraimsson’s speedy snare or quick ringing ride might be genetic — her brother was the drummer for fellow Swedish band Paris.�

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