Steel Train’s Unbreakable Optimism

Early in “Dakota,” NYC’s Steel Train acknowledge that “lightningstrikes and buildings fall,” but refuse to be dragged into a pit ofwhining, wallowing or melodrama. Instead, the band stares straight atsuffering and counters cold horror with an audible confidence inperseverance. The churning distortion that gurgles and growls beneaththe surface is initially ominous but quickly offset when vibrantacoustic guitars and jangling tambourine begin to ride an unadornedpiano progression.

The lead is cordial, but it’s the angelicharmonies that truly prevail over tales of powder, pills and anuntimely demise. Not with naivety so much as faith, affirmationstriumph throughout. The promises may be meant for Dakota, butcomforting lines like “These awful things burn away with the sun,”remind everyone the difference a day makes. Steel Train’s sophomorealbum, Trampoline, hits store shelves Oct. 16 on the Drive-Thru label.

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