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Who? Hailing from the streets of Williamsburg Brooklyn, Soft features Johnny Reineck (vocalist), Vincent Perini (guitar), Sam Wheeler (guitar), Dino Siampos (bass), and Chris Colley (drums). Having formed four years ago, Soft has already shared the stage with such myriad heavyweight acts such as Kiss, Phantom Planet, Maroon 5, and Hot Chip. Still, they have maintained a low profile, perfecting their craft in seclusion and obsessively working on their long-awaited, debut LP, Gone Faded, which drops Oct. 23 via the Academy Fight Song imprint.

What’s the Deal? Staying true to his band’s name, Reineck’s vocals are dulcet and gentle — even when piercing through a wall of Stone Roses-approved guitar haze on tracks like “Droppin’ and the droning lushness of “Dumb Blood.” “Higher” is a blissful pop number that radiates a la Ride, but “You Make Me Wanna Die” offers a bit of contrast with its dark, introspective lyrics (“Now that you’ve gotten in my veins / It makes it hard to be”) and whirring guitars. There’s nothing lite about Soft’s full-bodied, epic songs; for fans of the heyday of Creation Records.

Fun Fact: Soft’s beginnings seem almost too easy. “[We] began when I ran into Sam at a show for the Double,” Reineck tells “I pointed to the stage and said, ‘We should do that.'” And so they did, but not before Mickey Madden from Maroon 5 suggested their band moniker. “It made us feel uncomfortable, so we took it.”�

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