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Siouxsie Chats ‘Mantaray’

Best known for fronting the Banshees for nearly 20 years, as wellas issuing four albums under the Creatures moniker with her formermusical partner, Budgie, the raven-haired priestess of punk, SiouxsieSioux (known simply as Siouxsie these days) makes her solo album debutthis week with Mantaray, out via the Decca label. Here, the jovial Ms. Sioux — who was another heavy hitter in 1977, the year punk exploded— chats about creating the cinematic 10-song set (“It all happenedreally quickly …I was just going to see what happened.”), how producersSteve Evans (Robert Plant) and Charlie Jones (Goldfrapp) allowed her todream it all up again (“They really said the lyrics and the vocalmelodies were what was inspiring them.”), and why after all these yearsshe finally chose to create a solo album (“Save the best ’til last!”).That she does!

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