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Simian Mobile Disco, ‘Attack Decay Sustain Release’ (Interscope)

Some years back, James Ford and Jas Shaw made two albums of dreamy Britpop in the group Simian. And despite their second act as a dance-oriented production unit, a twee undercurrent still runs through this debut album. Former Simian singer Simon Lord offers an operatic slice of electro-house balladry on “I Believe,” and the Go! Team’s Ninja adds giddy vocals to the Technotronic-influenced “It’s the Beat.” Simian Mobile Disco could be hokey, if they didn’t swerve so smoothly from the Detroit-style techno of “Wooden” and the block-rockin’ breaks of “Tits and Acid.” The duo’s effortless ability to plunder electronic genres without losing their own identity makes Attack consistently fresh.

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