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Shout Out Louds, ‘Our Ill Wills’ (Merge)

“I do remember waking up with a headache in your parents’ living room.” The soundtrack of your life? Join the club. In addition to being the best line Conor Oberst never wrote, this is one of at least a dozen tossed-off, three-dimensional details that catapult Shout Out Louds‘ latest from agreeably derivative to just about perfect. Frontman Adam Olenius lobs his bons mots over tunes that borrow from Beck (“South America”), the Velvet Underground (“Suit Yourself”), Bright Eyes (“Your Parents’ Living Room”), and the Cure (just about everything here). But when Olenius waxes romantic and serves up yet another ace (“Your neck smells just like hers did”), it’s hard to complain.

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