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Sex Pistols to Record New Tunes? Bloc Party Prep ‘Flux’ EP

Though decisive punk rockers Sex Pistols have already hit the studio to rehash “Anarchy in the U.K.” for Guitar Hero, the quartet may return once again, this time to pen fresh material. “Would we make any new stuff? Maybe,” frontman Johnny Rotten – featured in Spin‘s October issue on 1977, the year punk exploded — told U.K.’s The Sun, reports”Only if the vibe was right. I’m never going to force myself back intothat.” But the band’s frontman, slated to perform a string of shows — in the U.S., too! — alongside original guitarist Steve Jones, bassist Glen Matlock, and drummer Paul Cook,confirms their return isn’t all smiles, or the only project on hisplate. “There’s many aspects of the Pistols I love and adore, butthere’s a lot I don’t. I’ve got my solo stuff, I’ve got Public Image.I’m doing an awful lot of TV work, which I love.”

Bloc Party Prep ‘Flux’ EP

On the heels of A Weekend in the City, the Brit rockers’ sophomore LP, Bloc Party have announced the release of Flux,a fresh single arriving on both CD and 7″ in the U.K., and as a digitaldownload in the U.S. Nov. 20 via Vice. The fresh single, recorded inthe band’s studio alongside veteran knob twister Jacknife Lee,will, in addition to featuring its namesake tune, also feature a fewyet-to-be confirmed bonus tracks. Furthermore, Vice will also dispatcha “new, improved digital re-release” of the band’s latest LP, nowarriving complete with the new single.

RIAA Wins File-Sharing Case, Woman Fined $220,000

While Radiohead reinvent music consumptionand, um, freely invite downloading, the Recording Industry Associationof America (RIAA) continues down the opposite path, winning its firstever case against a illegal downloader, Minnesota-based single motherJammie Thomas, fining her $220,000 for infringing on music rights, reports.Thomas, who was illegally sharing 1,702 songs on peer-to-peer downloadgiant Kazaa, was only brought under charges for 24 tunes from hereclectic collection; selections from Janet Jackson, Journey, SarahMcLachlan, and, er, Godsmack. Think about it, think about it; yep, yourlong division’s correct, that’s $9,250 per song. Riding the steam,where could be the RIAA’s next stop? Possibly your doorstep.

Gutter Twins Name Debut LP

Rock stalwarts Mark Lanegan and Greg Dullihave revealed the title for their debut Sub Pop LP as the Gutter Twins.As confirmed by a band spokesperson, the record, titled Saturnalia,is “going to be an early 2008 release.” To celebrate the album’srelease, the Gutter Twins will perform a “very small number” of”special preview” shows in small clubs, and a proper nationwide outingis expected to follow.