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Sally Shapiro

Who? Little is known about Shapiro, except that she hails from the land of Sweden and records shiny dance club tracks. She was first introduced to the world when her producer, Johan Agebj�rn, posted the ethereal single “I’ll Be By Your Side” on random message boards in late 2006. Nearly six months later, her debut, Disco Romance, was ushered into European stores and received critical fanfare for its revival of Italo disco. Its stateside release, available with three bonus tracks, arrives Oct. 30 via the Canadian imprint, Paper Bag.

What’s the Deal? Shapiro’s debut LP could be the soundtrack to an ’80s prom or Flashdance sequel. Based on sparkling synthesizers and thin 808 beats, it comes to life with the addition of Shapiro’s candescent whispers and croons. “Anorak Christmas” bumps with subdued snare hits and a bleating keyboard sample, while “I Know” sounds like a filtered trance anthem. The album’s title aptly sums up its contents, as Shapiro sings tales of hopeless romance on “I’ll Be By Your Side” and ones of heartbreak on “Time to Let Go.” For fans of St. Etienne, Bj�rk, and Annie.

Fun Fact: Shapiro is a mysterious one. Her name is made up, and when performing live, she shows up in disguise. The only proof that Shapiro actually exists is on her website, which has a small photo gallery but no biography. Fans may never know if the woman who sings on the record is actually the one in the pictures.�

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