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Royal Rock from Kings of Leon

It’s not like we needed more reminders that we were rocking out in the deep South: Gator and boudin were smoking on grills, lips were dyed bright red from too many giant Hurricane cocktails, and nary a vegetarian menu in sight. But Kings of Leon’s Friday night set reminded us how good rock’n’roll can taste with a side of grits. Granted, it was a bit depressing to discover that frontman Caleb Followill hacked off his long locks for an early-’90s-style soccer cut — minus the baggy Umbros, of course — but this band of brothers still let their roots show. The slinky come-on, “True Love Way,” from this year’s Because of the Times, was a honey-kissed jump-off for Friday night’s bill.

Check the video below for a sampling of KOL’s set, including “Black Thumbnail,” “King of the Rodeo” from Aha Shake Heartbreak, and “My Party.” PETER GASTON / VIDEO BY JESSE BLANCO / EDITED BY JED GARFUNKEL