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Radiohead to Tap Label for ‘Rainbows’ Distribution; CMJ Timetable Unveiled

Though Radiohead‘s spanking new LP In Rainbows will hit the highways and byways of the web Oct. 10, the band’s managers Chris Hutton and Brice Edgerevealed in a BBC Radio 4 interview that despite rampant speculation,the fivesome will in fact sign to a record label for a conventionalrelease, reports.”The band think they [are] incredibly proud of this record and feelthat it deserves to be brought into the mass marketplace,” said Hutton.”That’s why we need a record company who have that infrastructure todeliver the CD.” When will the label be named you ask? “We’ve got aboutseven days to sort it out,” said Hutton, citing the Oct. 10 digitalarrival of the album. “We tend to fly by the seat of our pants.”

Addressingthe gravity of Radiohead’s landmark, at least initial web salesplatform, Hutton said, “It’s just another way of doing things…Hopefully it will motivate artists and record labels to think aboutthings a lot more and not accept the status quo.” Edge added, “We’reprepared to take a risk… If your music is great, people will then payfor it.” And so far, according to numerous reports, people have, manyoffering the industry standards of one dollar per song, while othersattempt to reward the band for their innovation. But as a few generousfans discovered, the cashier at tops out at £ 99 (about $205).

CMJ Timetable Unveiled

Now less than two weeks away, officials for New York City’s fall musical extravaganza CMJhave finally unveiled the festival’s massive timetable, detailing eachshow of the well over 1000 bands slated to perform. With a vast bill and only five days, conflicts are bound to arise; Rosebuds and Dragons of Zynth both perform Tuesday at 11 P.M., Artist of Year frontrunners Silent Years will perform Wednesday at Midnight as Deerhunter rocks across town, and Saves the Day hits the Knitting Factory Friday night amidst the Sub Pop showcase, featuring both the Brunettes and Band of Horses. Head over to and map your assault, the isle of Manhattan and all its musical booty awaits!

Sons and Daughters to ‘Gift’ Fans New LP in 2008

Glaswegian outfit Sons and Daughters have announced the release of The Gift,their sophomore LP slated to drop stateside Jan. 29 via Domino Records.Recorded in converted barn in Adfern, a small town in the Scottishcountryside, the new album was a product of its remote environs,allowing Sons and Daughters to hole up with “with no television and notelephone, writing songs all day long,” read a statement. Thoughdetails have yet-to-announced, The Gift, the follow up to 2005’s The Repulsion Box, will be supported with a North American tour.

Dan Deacon Postpones Gigs Due to Exhaustion

Living on the road can be a hard, laborious existence, just ask Beirut’s Zach Condon or Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. And the latest victim of the pavement and motel circuit is Wham City button pusher Dan Deacon. Citing the ever so popular “exhaustion,” Deacon has postponed a handful of gigs in his previously announced fall outing.Tonight’s (Oct. 4) show in Oberlin, OH has been canceled, as have allperformances slated from Oct. 11-16, including stops into cities likeSt. Louis, Kansas City, and Brooklyn. Rest up Mr. Deacon!

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