Punk ‘City’: Home of the Matches

Storming out of the gates with wartime tom-drum rolls, The Matchesinitiate a musical call-to-arms for their contemporaries on thisexclusive track. “Their City” is the first blazing anthem on the altrock/pop punk collection Punk the Clock Volume Three: Property of a Gentlemanand The Matches’ couldn’t sound more fired up to lead the charge. Withrasping screams raging and guitars speed picking at a blistering pace,this “City” sounds like it could burst into flames at any second –amped up like an “Eye of the Tiger” for the emo set. But cooled by icyecho effects, piles of vocal tracks culminate in a chilling falsetto.

Onthe 21-track comp, established stars mingle with imminent ones,providing a veritable who’s who of the young rock scene. All theproceeds from the third edition of Punk the Clock will benefit the Dear Jack Foundation Dear Jack Foundation, an organization founded by Andrew McMahon of Jack’s Mannequin/SomethingCorporate to support young people diagnosed with Leukemia or otherblood disorders. McMahon’s Jack’s Mannequin contribute a cut to Vol. 3 as do scene staples such as Say Anything, Nightmare of You and the Starting Line alongside raging rookies like Four Year Strong, Valencia and Permanent Me. Volume Three: Property of a Gentleman has clocked in and is available now via the Punk the Clock label.

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The Matches- “Their City”

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Talk: Do the Matches run this ‘city’?


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