Jonah Matranga Kills for a ‘Girl’

After over 15 years making underappreciated music with quietlyinfluential acts like Far, Gratitude and onelinedrawing, we knew JonahMatranga was inexhaustible, but who would’ve thought that not evenmurderous zombies could tear him down? In this exclusive unveiling ofhis new video for “Not About a Girl or a Place,” Matranga revealshimself as a bona fide horror hero, but also as a bit of a fibber. Hestarts the song by immediately debunking its title with the line “Shewas the worst liar I’d ever seen.” Apparently she taught him a thing ortwo about deceit.

With that out of the way Matranga teases Casablancahomage with grainy film and a candlelight dinner but by the time thefolk-song verses collide with the anthemic chorus, the undead are onthe loose and the clip has become Sam Raimi’s cheesy cult-classic Evil Dead.With Matranga as the Bruce Campbell character, campy gore goes strumfor strum with his acoustic guitar as blood splatters with more rangethan his dynamic voice. The highlight though, is Matranga strangling aparticularly pesky zombie with a white studded-belt — a move we’ve allthought about unleashing on a scenester once or twice. Eventually eventhe monsters can’t help but sway with the song and just in time forHalloween our man gets the (blood-soaked) girl. Now without a moniker,Jonah Matranga’s latest solo record And is available now through the Limekiln label.

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Jonah Matranga – “Not About a Girl or a Place”

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Talk: Will Jonah Matranga’s heroic side get him the ‘girl’ and some album sales?


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