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It’s Always a Good ‘Day’ With Euros Childs

From Cardiff with love comes the latest ditty from the merry popfolkie Euros Childs. On “Ali Day” he channels oodles of sunshine andskipping into two tight minutes for a swift burst of twee goodness.Centered around the full-bodied piano low-end featured on SufjanStevens’ indie-classic Illinois, “Day” also plays on the sameyouthful purity invoked by the Boy Least Likely To’s most bubblynumbers. After a Welsh language experiment on his last full-length Bore Da,the former Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci frontman is back to singing in Englishover playful psychedelic folk not far from his mid-’90s output.

Withthe same lover’s ecstasy as Lennon’s “Oh Yoko”, Childs’ “Ali Day” wouldnot be out of place on a Wes Anderson soundtrack between Cat Stevensand the Kinks should the quirky auteur ever hope to elicit a quicksmile. With good humor, Childs warns that “if you bounce a ball againsta wall, one day that ball might not come back at all,” but fortunatelyit’d take a lot more than a lost ball to rid his songs of their owntrademark bounce. Euros Childs’ The Miracle Inn lands in the U.S. Oct. 23 via Wichita Recordings.

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