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Glam-Pop Cabaret with Patrick Wolf

It was probably a good sign that, before the show, a staffer atBlack Cat was making sure the disco ball was working. Playing to asmall crowd last night, the vivacious Patrick Wolf pouted and preenedlike a candy-coated soul-man Monday night (Oct. 1), and truth be told,the glimmering disco ball probably wasn’t even necessary to get theglamour across. Coming on like a cross between Peter Pan and DavidBowie, Wolf took the stage shirtless except for a vest, with feathersin his creamsicle-orange hair. He commanded the stage the entire time,somehow pulling off rock star moves with a violin on “Overture” beforegoing torch singer on “Teignmouth.” He stalked the stage during rocker”Tristan” and galloped through the spaghetti Western strings of “TheLibertine” admirably, but it was on a couple of heartbreaking songsthat he truly shone, as “London” and “Pigeon Song” shimmered sadly,like glitter make-up smeared in the rain.

We asked: Wolf has talked about how The Magic Positionis an attempt at creating pop songs, whereas previous efforts workedmore in the realm of folk music. What is his perfect pop song, and why?