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Come ‘Closer’ and Feel the Pulse of the Hourly Radio

The Hourly Radio embrace a preoccupation with the past, going so far as to name their debut album History Will Never Hold Me. Furthering the group’s reputation as History-buffs,a new remix of “Closer” features the booming voice of President HarryTruman in a triumphant World War II address. Luckily, this sparklingremix has a similar air of victory, but also invokes a more recent past– one of shimmering synthesizers and huge affected drums, citingextravagant atmosphere and electronics à la 1980s synth pop godfathersNew Order and Depeche Mode.

On this reworking from the PipeBros, “Closer” pushes onward with a meaty, pulsating kick drum androbotic effects that purr and twinkle. A devastating beat cracks likeshattering glass, while a stuttering snare ushers in the song’s chorus,soaring with crystal-clear falsetto courtesy of vocalist Aaron Closson.The Hourly Radio’s Gun In Hand EP, which drops this week via the Kirtland label, features additional remixes from the likes of Shiny Toy Guns and Michael Jurin of stellastarr*.

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