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Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew, ‘Spirit If…’ (Arts & Crafts)

Canada’s Broken Social Scene excel at drawing memorable hooks out of sprawling, eccentric arrangements. But when cofounder Kevin Drew sublets the name for this solo debut, he caves in to a self-indulgence the collective would never allow, even in its shaggiest moments. His Guided by Voices-style pop veers off into bloated, frustrating tangents of horns, fuzzboxed guitars, and indiscriminate metal clattering. Despite numerous cameos from his mates, including gal pal Feist, Drew still sounds orphaned and adrift; “TBTF,” with its Hallmark-blaspheming refrain of “You’re too beautiful to fuck,” groans under a melody as uncomfortable as the sentiment.

Now Hear This: Kevin Drew – “Backed Out on the …” DOWNLOAD MP3