Voodoo Music Experience Moves Site

Concertgoers returning to the Big Easy’s City Park this Oct. 26 to soak up sets from the likes of Wilco, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Rage Against the Machine may notice a slight change in location. In an effort to “preserve and improve park spaces,” many of which were severely damaged during hurricane Katrina and overhauled this past year with the addition of over 200 trees, festival officials have selected a new location within New Orleans’ vast City Park to place the stages and host thousands of fans. The new home, located just adjacent to the site utilized in 2006, is situated past the park’s main entry at the New Orleans Museum of Art, and closer to Tad Gormley Stadium, the same locale in which the event was hosted in 1999. Now plan accordingly, stumbling off Bourbon Street unprepared can be a feat in itself.

“Last year’s site was incredibly beautiful,” Stephen Rehage, founder/producer of the Voodoo Music Experience, said in a statement. “But after seeing the new trees in front of the museum, I just could not figure out the logistics of setting up the event around them. It actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise because the new site is perfection and we still get to showcase NOMA and the park to the rest of the world.”


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