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Valient Thorr vs. the Wyoming Werewolf

Our tour caravan rolled across the plains of Wyoming and found refuge in Rock Springs just over a week (Sept. 9) ago. The rolling red rocks and jet blue skies painted a beautiful backdrop for our days of filming, and we hit the hills right away. We trekked for days in pursuit of one thing: the Wyoming Werewolf.

We came across many clues, including huge jawbones and farmers talking about their livestock disappearing and finding their dogs and pets mangled. We had a full science team consisting of Totimoshi, Kandi Coded, and photographer Keith Marlowe — we all explored the rocky plains together. On our third day of filming, we felt like we were getting really close, so we set up camp and built a fire pit — after all, we needed to conduct our research at night. Werewolves don’t come out in the daytime.

As the sun went down we went on the hunt for food, and the only food out there was rabbit. It took some doing, but after a while we snared a good one and made the little fella into some chili. After dark, we cooked it over an open fire and gave our bodies some much-needed nutrients for the hunt.

We shared some stories around the fire while we ate and loaded our pistols. It was really quiet in the desert — too quiet! That’s when it happened:

We were all sitting at the campsite, getting ready to call it a night, and while shooting the closing sequence, the beast surprised all of us! Some say it was more than one, but it came in so fast and knocked everyone over. Cameraman Mark Gardner was thrown like 15 feet as well as others. As everyone got up to run all we could hear in the dark was Keith Marlowe screaming bloody murder.

A couple of us found each other way outside the camp and everyone was shaken up and terrified, totally in disbelief of what we witnessed just moments before. We made our way toward the camp again and followed the moaning until we saw Keith. I will never get the image out of my head. He laid on the ground, flat on his back, blood all over the place and his entrails spread around him, choking on his own blood. His neck and stomach were torn out by the werewolf. Another rustle outside the camp sent everyone running again, into the darkness and away from Keith.

We had to hunker down in the hills for three hours, every one of us terrified. It felt like the sun was never going to come up again. After a while, we met up with some of the others, Jamie Lynn, Johnny and Chris from Kandi Coded, and decided to try and go into the camp to find Keith’s body, but it was gone! It was nowhere to be found …nothing left but a pile of entrails.

We will still pursue all the legends and conspiracies in Keith’s honor. Somehow, I feel like he is still around, watching us from the shadows.

— Valient Himself & Valient Thorr

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