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The Thrills Awaken Inner Adolescence with ‘The Midnight Choir’

Though the Dublin quintet recorded their latest album in a former morgue, the Thrills have managed to infuse “The Midnight Choir” with so much blood-pumping vitality it stirs an insatiable need to dance like there’s no tomorrow. The dreamy vocals of lead singer Conor Deasy combined with a distorted, child-like chorus — plus the catchiest keyboard hook this side of the ’80s — create a sound two parts the Flaming Lips, one part evangelical rock band. The song’s wistful lyrics deal with the disillusionment of adolescence and the need to move on, but the chorus seems reluctant to leave everything behind: “And the midnight choir they sing / They sing a hymn we used to believe in… But it’s all we’ve got.” Every line itches with urgency, and the beat is so intoxicating that the overall effect is uplifting. Take a note from the Thrills: don’t moon over your former self, grow up! Teenager hits puberty Oct. 23 via Capitol Music Group.

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