Take an ‘Imaginary’ Trip Across the Silver Seas

Fans of the Nashville-based quartet the Bees (U.S.) need not fear,singer/songwriter Daniel Tashian and his pals are still here! Only nowthey go by the Silver Seas due to copyright issues. The new name is aperfect match for the group’s smooth blend of simple beats,sophisticated keyboard melodies and clever chord-plucking — just checkout the light-hearted ballad “Imaginary Girl.”

The two-minutegem is a slice of ’70s sitcom pop with just a hint of Rufus Wainwrightsprinkled on top. Producer, arranger and keyboardist Jason Lehningclimbs up and down the keys like a happy-go-lucky kid while an earnestTashian croons about the joy and agony of wearing your heart on yoursleeve, “Imaginary girl / This is a song for you / Sorry it tookforever.” The tune is addictive, yet soothing, like an afternoon cup ofcoffee, so take a sip and you’ll be smooth sailing. High Society, the group’s second studio effort, drops anchor Nov. 13 via Cheap Lullaby.

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