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Scotland Yard Gospel Choir: ‘Paid’ in Full

If you’re sick of getting short-changed, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir has your back. They may not be an imposing force, with their acoustic rhythms, light keys and warm organ moans, but having them on your side might just curb your grief and warm your heart. When the “Holy Bible and a book on punk rock” line your shelves “alongside Steinbeck, Salinger, and Guthrie,” chances are you had it rough at some point growing up, and the Choir empathize with anyone who was ever made to feel small because they were “different” or their accent “strange.” A karmic ballad, “Everything You Paid For” wraps optimism and peaceful female vocals into a hug for the downtrodden and an enduring promise of emotional reimbursement — better days when bad fortunes will turn. Downright dishonest in their name, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir actually hail from the Windy City, but do their best to hone a spot-on Glasgow impression, recalling Camera Obscura’s coy charm and Belle & Sebastian’s brand of demure pop. The tender embrace of the group’s self-titled second effort can be yours Oct. 23 from the Bloodshot label.

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Scotland Yard Gospel Choir – “Everything You Paid For”

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